Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossoms Festival) in Takato Castle Site Park

“Second to none” Cherry Blossoms at Takato Castle Site Park …

Takato Castle Site Park

Hippodrome in Takato Domain in the Edo Period was full of cherry blossoms such that horses were said to have been hidden in the blossoms.
Around 1875 in the Meiji Period, some samurais in the old Takato Domain transplanted the cherry trees to the ruined Takato Castle, in order to revive the castle. It was the beginning of the cherry blossoms in Takato Castle Site Park.

Cherry trees of “Takato-kohigan-zakura” in the park are as many as 1,500, and the oldest trees are more than 140 years old. This is one of the grandest sites of cherry blossoms in Japan and is called “Second to none” cherry blossoms with their loveliness of small and fine pink petals. “Takato-kohigan-zakura” attracts all the people visiting the park with the background of the mountains of the Central Alps.

The “Takato-kohigan-zakura” cherry blossoms, a unique cherry variety found only here in the world, are a little smaller and more distinctly pink than another famous cherry blossom variety “Someiyoshino”. Takato Castle Site Park is certified as “The Best 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites in Japan”. The park is only occupied by cherry trees of this variety and there is no other cherry blossoms park like Takato Castle Site Park in Japan. Visitors will enjoy winding bodies of cherry trees (like a dragon) in addition to the splendid blossoms.
In the season of cherry blossoms from the beginning to the middle of April, the park turns rosy and is filled with about 200,000 tourists to see the blossoms.

Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossoms Festival)

Period April 1 – 30, every year
Takato Castle Site Park
Admission Fee 500 Yen for an adult (including high school student)
  250 Yen for a child (primary school or junior high school student)
  Buy a ticket at each entrance gate. (JPY only, credit card unusable)
Opening Hours 8:00AM – 5:00PM
  6:00AM – 10:00PM at peak with lighting-up